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What you can find out here? This website its only to present and to unite all my web projects. The most of it are friendly turns for my friends or colleagues. I'm not a proffesional designer and I can't support business projects. Thats my never ending project and I like to add all informations about this hobby to here.

please ...

visit later on, to get more information on my projects! Thanks Joerg.

short history

1996 start private web page with
Lycos Web

1999 the page went live on
casper-clan.de hosted by 1und1

2002 new hosting dealer

start with html

My first steps I did by using HTML without others like CSS, PHP or MySQL. I wrote a lot of static pages, by end of the pure static time there were 23 pages inside the project. The first pages are not more available unfortunately. Then later I used static pages with CSS and a little later I was using PHP, HTML and CSS.


In the year 2004 I did the first steps with Joomla!, but it did take a long time before the first page went live.
At the time 2006 when I was woking for Hermos Systems, I had the first job assignment to create a web page. The design and also the backend was created by a commercial designer. My job was to create the structure and to fill in all the informations.

This experience was so interesting, that I start to move my private page to Joomla! finaly.


2006 job assignment by
Hermos Systems

2007 friendly turn #1
René Hoffmann

2008 friendly turn #2
Jan Heger interrupted

2008 private project
class reunion

2009 friendly turn #3
Ronny Lange

2010 friendly turn #4
Rene Hockauf Versicherungen